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 Georgia Co-Chairs


Alice Burton, Arabi

Daughter, Shelley Maria Burton, 20, was spending the night with her girlfriend, Lynette Gabriel,  when they both were shot and killed by Lynetteís former boyfriend, November 29, 1993.  The killer had been stalking Lynette when he broke into her apartment and murdered both of them.  He was arrested and while waiting trial, he committed suicide.




Elaine and Gordon Rondeau, Marietta

Daughter, Renee Olubunmi Rondeau, 29, was murdered on Halloween night, October 31, 1994.  Renee  was followed home by two drug addicts, a 28 year-old prostitute and the male, 34 was a recidivist criminal who had committed 52 crimes.   Renee was strangled in her apartment who held her at gunpoint and proceeded to rob and murder her.  The two were apprehended and  after two years of hearings and a trial, the male murderer was sentenced to life without parole and the female murderer was sentenced to sixty years with chance for parole in thirty years.



Lynn and John Watkins, Gainsville

Sister, Hope Hall, 22,  was brutally raped and murdered in her apartment by a 16 year-old, Shermaine A. Johnson,  July 11, 1994.  Johnson gained access to Hope's apartment by requesting a drink of water.  He stabbed her body fifteen times, using her kitchen "steak" knives and slit  her throat.  Johnson was found through random DNA search two years later in regards to the murder and rape of an elderly woman. July 1998: Tried and convicted, sentenced to death for the capital murder of Hope Hall.  In 2002, another trial, a re-sentencing phase occurred and his death sentence was upheld.  Johnson is serving a 100-year sentence for the rape of two other women.

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