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Massachusetts' Co-Chairs:


Mari Adams, Hyde Park

Daughter, Robin, 25, left the house she shared with her brother, Michael,  to catch a bus.  Robin was found dead three days later on the landing of a building just around the corner from where she lived, November 9, 1987.  Her family believe she was murdered although her case was not declared a homicide.  Unsolved.


Son, Michael, 31, was preparing to take the Boston Police Officers exam when he was shot in the back multiple times. It is believed that members of a notorious Roxbury gang had been seeking revenge and stalking him.

 May 1, 1994.  Police say the gunman was lying in wait for Michael and that it may have been an act or revenge.


Tina Chery, Dorchester

Son, Louis Brown, 15, was struck in the head by a bullet when he was  caught in the middle of gunfire while on his way to an afternoon Christmas party, December 20, 1993.  Louis was a straight-A student who had joined a group called "Teen Against Gang Violence" and it was this antigang group's Christmas party that he was on his way to attend when he was murdered.  It took 2-1/2 years to arrest Charles Bogues, 35, who pled guilty, was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to  life in prison.  Bogues would be eligible for parole in 15 years.  However, in 1997 Bogues asked the State Appeals Court to overturn his conviction stating that he was not shooting at Brown and that someone else killed Brown.


David Flood, Epswich*

Brother, Thomas Flood, 29 was beaten to death by two men unknown to him, October 16, 1979.  The two perpetrators were arrested and convicted in 1980 and 1984 to life in prison and 28-60 years.  Both were parolees.


Donna Fournier, North Andover

Brother, Joey Fournier, 17,  a high school student, was working part-time alone at a gas station  when three men,  entered the gas station brandishing knives and demanding money. October 24, 1974.    Joey's body was later discovered stuffed in a trash barrel.  Joey had been stabbed 19 times.  Alvin Wideman, Roosevelt Pickett and William R. Horton, Jr. were arrested and in May 1975, were convicted of armed robbery and first-degree murder.   They were sentenced  to life without parole.  Unbeknownst to Joey's family,  Horton had been in an unguarded 48-hour furlough from prison and when he was released in June 1986, he never returned.  Horton was apprehended in April 1987 after a high speed police chase and shoot-out. Horton was wounded and captured  after fleeing the home of a young woman whom he had raped and tortured.  Horton had earlier in the evening  pistol-whipped and cut the woman's fiancé.  In 1988, Joey's sister , Donna, helped gather over 50,00 signatures for an initiative petition  to ban furloughs of first-degree murderers.


Tipp and Dorothea Harris, Boston

Son, Matthew Hill, 19, murdered in a park near his home while visiting friends,  November 12, 1995.  A fight broke out and a knife was drawn on one of his friends. Matthew stepped in and was stabbed in the chest. His killer, a repeat offender, who should not have been permitted back into society to kill again, was arrested, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years.


Darla Jackson, Dorchester

Her son, Gregory D. Cormier, 20, was shot and killed, June 10, 1994.  Arrests were made and eight defendants were found involved in Gregory's murder.  At least one of the perpetrators was sentenced to life in prison without parole.


Rosely and David Shields, Newton

Her brother, Nelson DeOliveira, 23, was on a date with Rhonda, his new girlfriend, February 12, 1995  when they were assaulted by Rhonda's ex-boyfriend.  The police arrived and took the man to jail.  Nelson stayed at his girlfriend's apartment unaware that the assailant would return with a sledge hammer and a 38 caliber gun.  The perpetrator smashed his way into the apartment with the intent to murder everyone inside.  He  killed both Nelson and Richard, the girl's brother and shot Rhonda, who did survive this massacre.  The killer was arrested the next day, was convicted of manslaughter for Nelson's murder and second degree murder for the girlfriend's brother which included gun charges and armed assault.


Dianne “Dee” Ziegert, Feeding Hill

Daughter, Lisa, 24, was abducted from her part-time job at a card and gift store and murdered, April 15, 1992.   There were no witnesses to her abduction, which police believe to have been around  8:30-9 p.m. that night.  Lisa's body was discovered four days later, on Easter Sunday in a wooden area three miles from the store where she worked.  Lisa had been raped before she was murdered.  There have been  no viable suspect(s), many questionable, but no really strong suspect(s). Unsolved.



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