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 New Hampshire Co-Chairs:




Bill Belanger, Nashua*

Daughter. Erin Belanger, 22, was murdered along with five other young people in her grandmother's home, August 6, 2004.  Erin had moved to Florida to take care of her grandmother's home when she discovered a group of low-lifes squatting on the property and using it as a party house.  She had them evicted and it is believed that the ringleader felt he had been robbed of his XBOX video system and had been "disrespected" by Erin.  This convicted felon of a violent crime recruited three 18 year-olds to kill everyone in Erin's home with baseball bats and knives.  The four perpetrators entered the home where Erin & her boyfriend and two friends, all had worked at Burger King were, along with two others.  Six young people were slaughtered, Erin's body was mutilated and they also killed her dog.  The four killers were arrested and convicted. Two of the four including the instigator were sentenced to death for First Degree Murder, abuse of a dead body, armed robbery and animal cruelty.  The other two got six consecutive sentences of life without parole.


James & Sandra Flanagan, Franklin*

Sandra's son, Allen S. Fifield, 24, was murdered by his cellmate who had tried to rape him, August 24, 1991.  Allen had written some bad checks and had been arrested, convicted and sentenced to 1-3 years in the New Hampshire State Prison.  His cellmate murdered Allen whose body was not discovered by the prison guards for over 15 hours in this two-men cell!  The perpetrator went to trial in 1993 and was sentenced to life without parole.




Carrie Freitag, Randolph

Brother, Bill Freitag, 29, was doused with accelerant and set on fire

by his so-called “friend,” Larry Tutt, while he was asleep in his own home, in upstate New York, December 18, 1998Bill's room was so hot that he couldn't escape and the fire destroyed the family home.  Initially, arson and murder were not part of the investigation until the family began to put together the scenario which included this supposed friend, Larry Tutt.  It was discovered that Tutt had actually used Bill's name and ID when he was jailed in Texas prior to Bill's murder!  He was finally arrested, convicted of arson and murder.  Larry Tutt  was sentenced to twenty-five years to life, Sept. 2000.


Gary and Anne Gilman, Manchester

Their Son, Paul Lesnick, 25, murdered by his wife, Denise, who stabbed him in the heart, September 9, 1993 because he wouldn't leave her.  While Paul was away from their apartment, his wife had taken a knife and torn every piece of clothing Paul had.  She also carved vulgarities into their bed's headboard.  When Paul returned, he walked in and was heard to have said, "... what have you done?"  Still holding the knife she plunged it into his heart.  Paul died before reaching the hospital.  Paul's killer  was arrested the same night, convicted and sentenced December 7, 1994 to 20 years to life.



Richard and Carlene McManis, Concord

Their Son, Brian McManis, 33, was brutally beaten, strangled and

discovered the next day in the Merrimack River, June 6, 1998. The police arrested two suspects, Kenneth Munson, 57 and Burton Michael Gourlay, 54, who were on the other side of the bridge from where Brian's body was found.  A female suspect, Leslie Noonan, 32 voluntarily came to the police station and was arrested after the two male suspects were placed in custody.  Munson and Gourlay  were tried, convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life without parole.  Noonan was found incompetent to stand trial and was committed to a secure psychiatric unit of the New Hampshire State Prison.



Phyllis Woodside, Loudon
  Her son, Neil Kevin Ryan, 24, shot to death over a $55
debt, October 22, 1987.  Neil was driving his truck with his friends when he noticed he was being followed. He pulled over and the driver of the other vehicle walked up to Neil's truck and demanded $55.  Neil told the man that he would pay him the next day.  At that point the suspect pulled out a .357 Magnum, pointed it at Neil's head and demanded his wallet.  Neil refused and as he pushed the suspect's hand away, the killer pulled his own hand free, put the gun to Neil's back and fired.  One of Neil's passengers was shot twice yet survived and the other escaped injury.  The killer was arrested the day of Neil's funeral.  Eighteen months later the perpetrator was found guilty of first degree murder and second degree assault as the bullet that killed Neil struck his passenger.  The perpetrator was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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