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 New Jersey Co-Chairs:


Mary Kent, Lawrenceville

Son, Kevin, 20 shot to death along with two of his friends, 17 and 21 years of age after they left on a trip in Kevin's truck, July 15, 1977.  The killer approached Kevin and asked Kevin to drive him home to Pennsylvania.  The three boys left together with the perpetrator. Their bodies were discovered in Lancaster Pennsylvania, December 4, 1977. The killer was arrested in Louisiana a month later, January 1978 and brought back to Pennsylvania for trial.  Three years later the perpetrator was convicted and sentenced to three life sentences to run consecutively.


James and Kay Loftus, Cape May

Son, Christopher Loftus, 19, was "having words" with a tourist over a girl when he was stabbed to death, July, 2, 2001.  The perpetrator stabbed Chris who was unarmed, in his heart, chest, liver and above his ear. The murderer was arrested that same night and instead of calling a lawyer, he called a New York judge who then called the best defense attorney in the area for him.  Two years later, the judge changed the charge from murder to aggravated manslaughter.  The trial began in May 2005 and the defendant was found guilty of reckless manslaughter which carries a five to ten year sentence, 85% of the sentence to be served.  He was also found guilty of a weapons offense and hindering prosecution, which is a felony in itself, yet the judge reduced the charge, lumped everything together and sentenced the perpetrator to four years!  He is now free and going on with his life...



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