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 Texas Co-Chairs:


Beverly and Arthur Campos, Pasadena

Son, Jason Abbott, 17, fatally shot five times at a friendís party

as he tried to stop a fight,  July 4, 1992.  Sadly the party was to celebrate the holiday and the birth of Jason's son, Marc who was only three weeks old.  There were over 100 people in attendance when a fight broke out and Jason tried to stop it.  One of the fighters handed a gun to a fourteen year-old youth, telling him to go and shoot Jason.  The killer shot Jason five times, first in the head and four times in his body and then he fled the scene.  He was arrested that same night, convicted of murder and sentenced to twenty-rive years,
 October 1992.   Being a teenager he was jailed in a youth facility
 until his 18th birthday and then moved to an adult prison.


Carolyn Hardin, Houston

Son, Steven Hardin, 25, shot and killed while doing his job as a tow truck driver and attempting to move an illegally parked vehicle April 18, 1998 The suspect, a city fireman, who owned the truck and habitually parked it illegally came out and shot Steven once with a 22 rifle, killing him.  The killer whose brother was a City of Houston Police Officer was allowed to make phone calls at the scene of the crime and not handcuffed while being placed in the patrol car!  July 1998: the killer was found guilty of first degree murder and given probation as he had no previous felony convictions and was an upstanding citizen!  Steven left two children fatherless.



Barb and Bob Loggins, Llano

Son, Wyatt, 19, a U.S. Marine stationed in Tustin, California, was murdered by California's most prolific serial killer, Randy Kraft,  August 1980.  Wyatt was last seen alive on Aug. 22, 1980 and had been dead two - three days before his body was found in a garbage bag, his hands and feet bound.  Kraft was finally arrested May, 1983, tried, convicted of sixteen murders and sentenced to Death Row in 1989.  It is believed that Kraft may have murdered sixty-five young men. NOTE:  Wyatt's Mom, Barb was subpoenaed by the defense during Kraft's trial to keep her out of the courtroom.  Barb remembers that victims' families from other states weren't contacted and she made contact with them herself.  When the trial began,  the Victim Witness program began to contact these families! 


Dotti Walker, Houston

Son, John Anthony Johnson, 34, stabbed to death by their

 family acquaintance, Thomas Lee Reissig, August 26, 1992.  The killer had been treated like part of the family beforehand.  He stabbed Johnny in the heart, then cut him right down to his abdomen.  Johnny was locked out of his home and was found a block away as he tried to get help before dying.  The perpetrator was arrested and sentenced to sixty years of which he'll serve one-quarter of his sentence.  Reissig's first parole hearing was in May 2007.


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