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Information and History Regarding the Following Oil Painting:


This large 3 x 4 foot oil painting was envisioned as a means to help illustrate and express the terrifying feelings of a mother whose child had been murdered.  Yes, this painting is an original and one of a kind.  However, sadly, the helpless and betrayed feelings depicted in this painting are shared by hundreds of thousands of victims of crime.  As graphically portrayed by the artist, while desperately trying to reach for justice, the victims and families feel as if they have been striped of everything.  They sense they are hopelessly falling and being sucked into a deep hole, an endless vortex.  It takes great courage to be a victim of crime and itís time that legislators across our Nation become more sensitive to the additional and unnecessary pain and expense caused by the justice system.

The artist, Homer Spurlock  received help and direction from the victim (also an artist).  That victim was former mayor of San Juan Capistrano, Collene (Thompson) Campbell.  Collene and her husband Garyís only son, Scott, was strangled in 1982.  His body was thrown from an airplane into the Pacific Ocean and never recovered.  The killers admitted they bloodied Scott's body so the sharks would eat him and he would never be found.  In 1988, while still going through the trials for their son, Scottís, murder, Colleneís only sibling, her brother, auto racing legend, Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy, were shot to death as they were leaving their home.  An arrest for the Thompson murders was  made in 2001 and  finally there was a conviction in 2007. Please note:  These two cases represent over twenty-seven straight years (with no break) of the family awaiting murder trials. Now the Campbells are forced to endure parole hearings and the appellant process.  (It is difficult for a family to survive under these circumstances.)   The Campbells state: "That is the reason we are trying so hard to give victims some rights in our U.S. Constitution, where currently only the accused have rights in that great document." It is also interesting to note that the painting was originally inspired while former California Governor Pete Wilson was working with crime victims to pass the most sweeping state justice reform in history.  The successful initiative was referred to as Proposition 115 and was emulated and victorious in many states across the country.

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