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Who and What is FORCE 100?

                                By - - -  Collene (Thompson) Campbell



   It is my belief that FORCE 100 is comprised of the most courageous, gallant and incredible people ever assembled.  These warriors were hand-selected from heroic leaders whose dedication, commitment and hard work will not personally gain them a single thing.   Their work with FORCE 100 will not earn them a diploma, notoriety, advance them economically, or provide them with entertainment or even relaxation.  It won’t improve their health or their appearance.  The people involved with FORCE 100 have accepted their challenging mission “just because” they feel it is the right thing to do and they don’t want others to live through the additional suffering they have been forced to endure.

Their mission is thankless and keeps their deep and painful wounds open while continuing to exposes the trauma related to their emotional and devastated lives. These brave souls were not drafted or commanded to participate.  They have chosen their mission because of their personal knowledge of the enormous additional and unnecessary suffering that occurs because others before them have not taken on the battle, a battle that no one has wanted to fight. 

There is no compensation or reimbursement for their time and expenses, but they are still willing to go to combat and they plan to win their mammoth and thankless task. Their ill-fated destiny was not by choice, not by lack of planning, not by doing something wrong or illegal. The FORCE 100 team’s fate was perpetrated by ruthless brutality, delivered and dictated by evil criminals.

So, who is FORCE 100?  It is made up of people of all ages, cultures, races, religions, political parties and economic means.  They have one thing in common.   They are the Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Spouses, Relatives and Friends of murdered victims and the victims of violence.  The family tragedies consist of slashed throats, rapes, broken necks, holes shot through their bodies, bodies set on fire, those beaten to death, strangulations, bodies not recovered, missing loved ones and tiny children raped and sexually molested until they died.

 FORCE 100 is composed of our Nation’s Crime Victims from every State, who are unwilling to just weep and spread sorrow.  They understand that a lack of previous action has allowed the perpetrators to be more successful in committing their heinous crimes!   These victims have witnessed the rights of killers being upheld and protected by the U. S. Constitution. They have learned the hard way, that victims are not protected by that same Constitution.  They have been shocked to realize that Crime Victims are not even mentioned in our Nation’s Constitution while the criminal is protected and mentioned two-dozen times, fifteen by Amendment’s alone.

So, WHAT is FORCE 100?  It is composed of dauntless brave American Heroes who are sacrificing deeply to improve the American Justice System.  In “Memory of Victims Everywhere”, these are the heroes whose noble effort will be responsible for expanding the United States Constitution to protect all citizens, even those who, through no fault of their own, have become a victim of violent crime.  The term “Grass Roots Group” has never been more accurately applied.

The goal of FORCE 100 is to help balance the Justice System by affording U. S. Constitutional rights to victims of violent crime.  FORCE 100 will expose the voting of the Legislators who continue to support the criminal’s rights above the rights of honest, law-abiding victims of brutal crimes.  The elected officials who do not support the right for victim’s family to be notified of court proceedings, the right to speak at the sentencing of the perpetrator or the right to be present in the trial courtroom, will be identified to the people.  It is time Legislators respond to the devastation caused by crime and cruelty

But the question still remains.  What will the National Team Members of FORCE 100 gain personally?  The answer is simple for the Co-Chairs of FORCE 100. They will go to their graves with the assurance;  “There are those in Heaven who understand that we cared enough to fight to improve the future for others”.


* * *

National Force 100 Chair:  Collene (Thompson) Campbell
National Communications Director:  Melissa C. Campbell

Chief Counsel:  Steve Twist
Victim Coordinator:  Carol Day
Victim Co-Chairs, every State in the Nation